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ArtZenFlowers Consulting ; All about color, design, style and change. Change as in going from dreaming and wishing to doing.  Style as in creating a unique individual reality within and around your space. Design as in home, office  or garden evolving toward your personal version of perfection. Color as in paint, surfaces and finishes, interior or exterior spaces.

Color is the focus, paint is the vehicle. The process involves the clients voice and my vision, together we create; Color, Design, Style and Change in a way that effects the day to day environment; will it be quiet, soft, gentle, vibrant, bold or energetic?

The answer is as unique as the individual.


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Hi, Thank you for your color ideas posted. Are you familiar with BM pismo dunes? I am looking for a warm beige that leans away from yellow/green. We have natural cherry wood and want an inviting feel in our bedroom. Thanks so much

Hi Marilyn; Not knowing more about your space I simply took my lead from your statements in your post and the color reference AC32 Pismo Dunes.
Assuming AC32 Pismo Dunes was a bit too pink perhaps I have selected a few colors for your consideration, not of which tend toward yellow/green, all of which would be well suited to a peaceful bedroom with cherry woodwork.
CC984/Stone Hearth;Lighter shade of Indian River below,
CC 985/Indian River; Similar to AC32 but warmer, denser, richer toward a taupe/grey
CC1075/Fairway Oaks;more of a warm tan/beighe
CC1033/Hillsborough Beigh; a ruddy tan/beighe

And from our Affinity line; AF145/Kangaroo; a great neutral tan/beighe and finally AF150/Cotwald; very similar to AC32 but more neutral and richer with less of the violet cast.

Again I would invite you to contact me personally for additional information or stop into our store front Monday through Saturday between 11am and 2pm. Also, I have pulled each of the 5X9 sample sheets and would be happy to mail those to you if needed.

Regards; Nancy

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  • artzenflowers: Hi Loribeth, Thank you for taking the time to view my post and the feed back noted!
  • Loribeth: Interesting info about red. I think it takes a lot of daring to use it in decor...something I don't have a lot of. But I might consider adding little
  • Emmakins: This is so helpful, THANK YOU! I think I will do pashmina in bedroom since it is a cooler color and may not work as well in the main area. Hush throu
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