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Now, there is a color that evokes a response in the viewer. Doesn’t it?

Panic. Awareness. Passion.

Whichever it is suddenly you are jarred into the present and a heightened sense of alertness. It’s seductive side inspires as much as it’s urgent call to caution can send a shiver of imminent danger up your spine! Culturally the color red has been equated with heat, with fire, one of the five earth elements.  We’ve all heard the term “seeing red” as a way to express intense anger or emotion and it has an exclamatory effect even in fine art without which compositions would fall short.

The power of red in art is dramatized here in this image by French landscape painter Gustave Courbet’s light touch with a simple red triangle of a ship’s sail in the distance, small but powerful.


An ‘auspicious’ color, red was selected as the identifying color for the British armed services military uniform, as early as the 17th Century, giving them the nickname of The Red Coats and later in the infamous grandeur of the Napoleonic uniform’s own ‘Turkey Red’ cloth.

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The historic source for the color red is the wild herb, Rose Madder, synthesized in the 20th Century by DuPont Industries which has widely replaced the use of Rose Madder in cloth dye, yet remains much sought after by the fine arts community as paint colorant.

In any event an individual wearing a garment of red would be conspicuous in a crowd, might be considered auspicious, with beyond the norm personal charm and ability, happiness and good fortune would surely follow!

It was inevitable that the color red would make it’s way into our homes to impact our daily lives. World renown artist, William Morris, created detailed motifs for the home throughout the Arts and Crafts period of the late 19th Century many of which featured red accents.


Red is undoubtedly one of the most popular front door color choices.


But a bright red room? Would most likely have most of us ‘on the run’!


Using red at home takes a light hand and a decisive touch, for more images of successful uses of the color red check out this blog post from Beautiful Abodes and if you are thinking of going red, beyond wearing that Santa suit on December 25th, give me a call!

Warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season!


“Making color work for you!”



  • artzenflowers: Hi Loribeth, Thank you for taking the time to view my post and the feed back noted!
  • Loribeth: Interesting info about red. I think it takes a lot of daring to use it in decor...something I don't have a lot of. But I might consider adding little
  • Emmakins: This is so helpful, THANK YOU! I think I will do pashmina in bedroom since it is a cooler color and may not work as well in the main area. Hush throu