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Have you ever stood in an open field on a warm summer day and closed your eyes just to drink in the gentle touch of the breeze swelling around you wafting away the suns heat while bringing with it the scent of fresh grass crushed under foot leaving you inspired and refreshed?

That, to me, is the definition of subtle. So light a touch it picks up and carries a little hint of whatever it passes by, around or through.

Which is exactly what I expect of a good neutral. Like that fresh breeze it takes concentration to appreciate or even notice it but without it things just wouldn’t be the same.

For months now I have been on a search for the perfect NEUTRAL. Every home needs one, or two, perhaps three; it all depends.  In the process I have fallen victim to the subtle allure of the sultry simplicity of the Perfect Neutral!

Wouldn’t it be great if there were one that worked in every circumstance? But that fantasy is smashed by the array of  possibilities!

When it comes to cream not many colors can compete with “Manchester Tan”, one of the Benjamin Moore Historic selections #HC81. As an interior wall color or trim it is rich option to the proliferation of whites & off whites commonly seen. Manchester Tan also offers a beautiful choices as an exterior trim choice.

Two lovely interior neutrals I have been smitten with this season are Affinity AF95 “Hush” and the offwhite selection OC16 “Cedar Key”.

For the main color for your living room, halls and adjoining spaces these are three that you can bet your money on time and again to perform in a wide variety of lighting and style conditions.

For more thoughts on neutrals and their uses in home decor contact me by phone or email or you can post a response here as a blog post.

In a world where everyone has an opinion; Let’s talk Neutral!



  • artzenflowers: Hi Loribeth, Thank you for taking the time to view my post and the feed back noted!
  • Loribeth: Interesting info about red. I think it takes a lot of daring to use it in decor...something I don't have a lot of. But I might consider adding little
  • Emmakins: This is so helpful, THANK YOU! I think I will do pashmina in bedroom since it is a cooler color and may not work as well in the main area. Hush throu