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Recently I have had numerous inquiries about using colors other then shades of white on ceilings, again refer to previous posts regarding Light, but I want to share with you that in all the design publications, including the newest Benjamin Moore seasonal inspiration publication; Colors for your Home 2009, are showing numerous examples.  

The simple answer; Absolutely!

What color or colors remains open to discussion and driven by the home’s lighting, the color on the walls and your personal taste, but in short, there are no boundries that cannot be breached if done with taste.

One client recently chose to use Golden Delicious 390, rich warm& bright spring green, between the boxed beams in her classic Portland style home with stunning results.

Color other then the classic shades of white on interior trim and moldings is another rule that is being bent if not broken. Tone on tone is carried through with great success by keeping in the same family group shadings. Also adding a punch of a contrast or richer, darker shade to give a built in the look of a “free standing” piece of furniture is also an excellent option.

Chosing shades of color whether on the walls, celings or trim can be previewed on line by accessing Benjamin Moore’s Virtual Fan Decks.



  • artzenflowers: Hi Loribeth, Thank you for taking the time to view my post and the feed back noted!
  • Loribeth: Interesting info about red. I think it takes a lot of daring to use it in decor...something I don't have a lot of. But I might consider adding little
  • Emmakins: This is so helpful, THANK YOU! I think I will do pashmina in bedroom since it is a cooler color and may not work as well in the main area. Hush throu